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Well im Gareth and this is my first post on our fantastic new ‘My Gadget Tree’ blog. I decided to write this blog as I noticed the lack of quality unbiased reviews on the many low cost alternative gadgets available to buy on the net. This lack of information means many people dont realise that you dont have to spend £400 + on an iphone when you can go buy a Sciphone for a quarter of the price with the the same if not more functions thant the iphone itself. ANd it doesnt stop there, there are some fabulous touch screen MP4 players/MP3 Players which can easily rival apples offering again for a much lesser price.

So my mission is to educate the masses and help people buy quality gadgets at good prices.

Oh yes and I know this blog is attached to my website, so I will be reviewing some of my products but I promise to be unbiased in my reviews. And of course I wont only be reviewing those products available on my website. So enjoy, hopefully my babbling wont bore you too much icon smile About Me


  1. Have just been reading your gadgets blog and was wondering if you guys would be interested in reviewing one of our clients gadgets? Please take a look at http://www.Robstep.co.uk
    We can supply you with images and any information you may require. If you go to “Compare the Competition” under the menu Robstep Robin M1 menu you will be able to find a comparison between the Robstep and a Segway to give you an idea of how cool this product actually is.

    I hope this is something that you could consider blogging about, thank you for your time.

  2. Gareth says:

    Hello there, yes by all means we can review the robstep for you it does look great. Please send us an email at info@mygadgettree.co.uk and we can discuss further

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