Mp5 Player with Tv Out – Portable movies on your tv!

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This is the best quality 4.3 Inch Touch Screen MP5 player we have seen from China so far. First of all it looks great, it has an outer aluminium casing which weighs in heavier than its smaller peers which makes it feel like a good sturdy device when held in the hand.
MP5BigFront1 300x300 Mp5 Player with Tv Out   Portable movies on your tv!
MP5BigBack Mp5 Player with Tv Out   Portable movies on your tv!

It has no buttons on the front leaving the whole 4.3 inches free to be consumed by the touchscreen to display all your videos/images with a whopping QVGA resolution of 480 x 272 pixels.

MP5BigScreen5 Mp5 Player with Tv Out   Portable movies on your tv!

Touchscreen response is decent when using a finger, better with the stylus. Id reccomend you calibrate your screen first, on our example this was found in the settings menu under ‘rectification’ (according to the chinese this is another word for calibration?!). Click on the crosses until it closes and your away.

Calibrate Mp5 Player with Tv Out   Portable movies on your tv!

Customise Your Desktop Themes

One of the great features of this particular player is the ability to switch the desktop theme, this has become quite familiar now on many rockchip players.  Here are some examples of the colourful desktops available:
MP5BigScreen1 Mp5 Player with Tv Out   Portable movies on your tv!MP5BigScreen2 Mp5 Player with Tv Out   Portable movies on your tv!
MP5BigScreen3 Mp5 Player with Tv Out   Portable movies on your tv!Ive only shown 3 here but there are 8 available in total, not bad eh!. It is possible to upgrade the firmware on these devices to edit the strings of text and the images, though I havent figured out how to do so on the latest RK2706B firmware, if anyone figures it out drop us a comment!

Now if any of you have read any of my earlier posts you will know one of the main advantages of an MP5 player such as this one is the easy to use drag and drop functionality. With video files especially on your everyday MP4 Player you will first have to preconvert/downsize your AVI/MPG video files to fit on the player. The advantage of most MP5 Players is that you can literally drag your downloaded/burnt video files straight onto the extra drive that will appear on your pc when you connect it. And thats it job done! Video playback is smooth with quality sound output, even the built in speaker is pretty decent for its size

MP5BigFilm Mp5 Player with Tv Out   Portable movies on your tv!

TV Out

Yes it can even output video to your lovely widescreen TV, and you dont need to go out and purchase the cable to do so as the cable is included! (Now you wont catch apple doing that!). Youll get a cable with different connectors at each end. One end for your tv will have 3 connectors (yellow for video, red and white for audio). Then there will be a headphone connector and tv out connector to fit into the respective outputs on your MP5 Player. Simply play your video, press the little tv icon on the screen of your player (make sure your tv is switced to the correct input), now you should see your film on your tv in its widescreen glory!

TVOUT Mp5 Player with Tv Out   Portable movies on your tv!

MP3 Player

Well of course it aint just a video player, its a portable media player which means it will happily play all your tunes either through its built in speaker or via headphones (3.5mm headphone socket). You will also get ID3 support so you can sing along to Aquas “barbie girl” to your hearts content icon smile Mp5 Player with Tv Out   Portable movies on your tv!

ID3 Mp5 Player with Tv Out   Portable movies on your tv!

Other Features

As mentioned previously this is a portable media player so you will get other features such as an ebook reader – this player is fantastic for ebook reading, its just the right size and the screen is crisp making it easy to read. Great for going on holidays when you dont want to lug all your books around. Youll also get voice recording features plus the ability to record from the radio!

voice record Mp5 Player with Tv Out   Portable movies on your tv!


Well you can pick these up from China for around 30-40 quid but add on your customs and duty charges plus the postage costs if your item is faulty and you may aswell buy one from the Uk.

Get them here MP4 Digital Player for only £49.99.

Guys if you like these posts please let me know by adding your comments icon smile Mp5 Player with Tv Out   Portable movies on your tv!



  1. Carlos says:

    You forgot to mention that this items needs firmware, and has difficulties connecting with your PC. Difficult to add your files if your can’t get to the drives to transfer them.

  2. Gareth says:

    It should only need firmware for older Op Systems such as Windows 98 which you should find on the cd you get with the player. The driver should auto install when you connect the player to the pc. If it doesnt then you either have a faulty player or a faulty usb cable

  3. neil says:

    works fine off XP just drag files to the pop up removeable drive. I installed the PMP transcoding software on to my pc to convert cd files to mp3 then dragged them to the removable drive. Haven’t figure out how to sort into genre. I guess you use explorer and move to another dir.

  4. Tony says:

    i bought one of these mp5 players, it also works fine on windows 7, great little gadget but i am having trouble recording tv, easy to drag and drop files to, it could do with having a bigger memory or even a memory card free as mine is only 4gb,

  5. Gareth says:

    Hi Tony, it is a great gadget for the price when you think of the cost of other branded mp4 players. You should be able to output your videos to the tv with the tv out functionality though its not intended for recording tv..

  6. Rui says:

    @ Carlos: Had the same problem. Just try with a different cable…Worked for me.

    The rest i’m analysing

  7. Graham says:

    What is the make and model?

  8. Gareth says:

    Hello Graham, this is a PlayEasy 400 T. Not a well known brand but functions just as well as some of the more popular brands

  9. Keith Williams says:

    I have bought one and it is brilliant transfers files easily with windows 7 only one snag I have a faulty video cable anyone know where to get a cheap one

  10. Gareth says:

    Hi Keith, good to hear you like the product!

    If you email us your order ID we can get a free replacement cable sent out to you. Im guessing your referring to the TV Out cable? Has the cable been connected properly?

  11. Keith Williams says:

    Hi Gareth
    When I say I have bought one it is the same as this but not from you, sorry for the confusion

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